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1 week only July 10-13

Four-day camp, Tuesday to Friday
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Camp Cost:  $180    Ages 5 - 10

Includes: Manners/Etiquette Class
Cooking, Crafts,
Limousine Ride, Lunches,
Dress-up Tea Party and more

$50.00 cancelation fee    $10.00 late pick-up fee



Chelsea's Tea Room & Boutique Release

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By checking this box, I, as the parent or guardian of the child described above, acknowledge and agree to the following:  In case of medical emergency, after every reasonable effort has been made to contact parent or guardian, I hereby give permission to Chelsea's Tea Room & Boutique to secure necessary treatment for the child. I have not been given a guarantee of the results of examination or treatment. I approve all camp activities, including travel to lunch via limousine.

I also give my permission for pictures to be taken and used online.

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